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Bentley University Falcons
146 Northeast-10 Championships
80 CoSIDA Academic All-Americas
2014 NCAA Div. II Women's Basketball National Champs
2001 NCAA Div. II Field Hockey National Champs
Women's Basketball: NCAA Record 35 NCAA tournaments

Bentley University Intramural Co-Ed Volleyball Rules


Team: Consists of six players, but may start with four. There must be at least one female and one male on the floor at all times. Varsity Volleyball players are not eligible.  A team diminished to fewer than four players as a result of injury during the game, may continue. Teams must wear tennis shoes or similar footwear. No black soled shoes.


Game Length: Fifteen points wins the game provided there is a two point lead. A match will consist of two out of three games. The third game of the match will be played by rally score rules (a point is scored on each serve).


Forfeits: Any team that does not have four players present within five minutes after the scheduled starting time will forfeit the game. Captains must email the Intramural Director at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game to request a rescheduled game and prevent a forfeit.  The rescheduling will be at the mercy of your opponent & space/referee availabilty.  Forfeit penalties:  One forfeit: Loss of $50 forfeit fee, Two forfeits: Removal from the league.




Forearm Pass: Ball must strike both forearms simultaneously. Cup one hand into the other and keep elbows straight.


Set: Ball is contacted by fingers and thumbs of both hands. Get under ball, bend knees, elbows bent and pointing out, index fingers and thumb form a triangle. This is the set for the spike.


Spike: Two foot take off from 10' to 12' straight running approach. Jump 2' to 3'behind the ball with the ball overhead. Lead spiking arm with elbow, snap heel of hand into the ball as non-spiking arm is driven down. Do not direct ball by carrying it in your hands. Hit cleanly, instantaneously.


Block: Jump straight up toward direction of spike, near to net with hands above head spread to cover as much space as possible. You may reach over the net to block a ball that has been spiked.


Serve: Both feet must be behind black line. Hold or toss the ball with one hand and hit it (overhand or understand) with the other.


As a general rule: An instantaneous hit by any body part is legal.




1. The ball remains in play when a team forces a ball to hit a ceiling or similar obstacle of any height anywhere on its own side of the net and the net extended, provided that the team can legally play the ball next. Otherwise, the ball is blown dead and awarded to the other side.


2. The boundary lines are considered to be in bounds.


3. Each team can hit the ball no more than 3 times before the ball crosses the net again, unless there is simultaneous contact by opponents. A block does not count as one of the three hits.




1. Three players in front line, three players in back line. Players in the back line cannot spike in front of the 10 meter attack line.


2. Serving order must be maintained.


3. Teams must rotate players in a clockwise direction.




1. Server hits ball out of court so that it touches or does not clear the net.


2. Player serves out of order.


3. Player does not cleanly hit the ball (ball appears to rest momentarily at contact).


4. Player hits ball successively (exception: blocker may re-hit after simultaneous hit).


5. Team plays the ball more than three times before sending it to opponents court.


6. Player touched net, reaches over net to block a set, steps fully across center line, interferes with opponents under net while ball is in play.


7. Unsporting play.


Fouls result in point or side-out depending on whether the team fouled against is serving (point) or receiving (side-out). Simultaneous fouls by opponents result in replay of point.




Point is also replayed when:


1. Official cannot see play to make a judgment.


2. Any object enters the court or interferes with play.


3. A player serves before officials whistle.


4. A player is injured.


Any player removed from a game by a referee for any reason will be suspended from play in the next scheduled game.  Reasons for removal from a game include, but are not limited to: serious foul play, violent conduct and offensive, insulting or abusive behavior towards a game official and other players.  Further sanctions against the player involved and/or that player’s team may be imposed by the Intramural Director upon review of the incident and will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for possible adjudication through the Student Conduct System.

A player ejected for fighting will be suspended from playing indefinitely, and the altercation will be reported to University Police and referred to the Student Conduct System (see the Bentley Student Handbook at  

Referee decisions with respect to play are final.