Final Fall standings are updated.


Interested in Playing Winter Intramurals?

Sports being offered this year:  Men’s A League Basketball, Men’s B League Basketball, Women’s Basketball, *Co-ed Volleyball (30 Teams), *Co-ed Dodgeball (30 Teams)

*Co-ed Dodgeball and Volleyball sign-ups will be open to the first 30 teams that sign up in each league.  After that those leagues will be closed.

Sign up online @

Registration will close at midnight Dec. 5, 2018

T Shirt payment ($60) are due no later than the end of the business day (6pm) Thursday Dec. 6, 2018

Pay for your teams T Shirts @:


Seasons will begin Second Semester

Guidelines for registration and playing intramurals this year:

  • Roster must be filled out completely and on time, no late entries will be accepted.  Please keep the names of your teams clean and tasteful
  • 1 forfeit will result in a $50 fee charged to the Capt’s student account; a second forfeit will result in your team being removed from the remainder of the season.  It has become too costly to pay referees to be present every night and not have teams play the scheduled game.


If you need to request a different date and/or time for your game to prevent a forfeit, it must be done so in writing to the Intramural Director at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game.

If you are looking to sign up as a free agent because you don’t have a team to play on, here is what you need to do, Email the intramural director after the rosters are completed  and you will be put in contact with the Capt’s and Co-Capt’s of the sport you are looking to play and you can contact them to see if they need more players.